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Backs of eNails 1200x1200

Entropy eNail – Blue Black



6″ Long x 4″ Wide x 2″ Tall

All Prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Out of stock


Each Entropy eNail includes the following:
  • A Quartz eNail Banger
  • 6-in-1 Titanium Nail with Coil Holster (16mm)
  • 0 ℉ to 1200 ℉ Temperature Range
  • 1.75″ Full-Colour Screen with both Program Temperature and Set Temperature
  • Auto-Tune Feature to Ensure Exact Accuracy on Desired Temperature
  • Coil Heater with Black Kevlar Coil Sleeve
  • Anodized Aluminum, Powder-Coated Case in more than 36 colour combinations
  • 5-Pin XLR Coil Connection
  • Stainless Steel LED Power Button
  • Power Cord
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